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What is a Wedding Trial & Why do I Need One?

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I get so many questions on wedding trials so I thought I’d put together the most common questions to help ease your mind!

What is a wedding trial (also known as wedding preview) for?

This is a way for you to give us ideas of what you might want your look to be on your wedding day. You do not need anything set in stone. Have a few inspiration pictures of things you may like and be prepared to answer questions that we may have. As a stylist this gives us a chance to see what your hair and skin texture is like. It will help tune us in to what styles would be most flattering and if you may need additional items.

Misconception wedding trials are for trying different hair and make-up artists.

If you are planning to bounce around from stylist to stylist finding the perfect person it will make your efforts much harder. We recommend sticking to the stylist you chose. By sticking with the stylist, you chose we already know what your hair and skin is like and if you’re not sure if you liked your first trial or you may be thinking you would want something different (which is normal!) we are already aware of your hair/ skin and we can tell you if it’s a realistic change and give our recommendations to bring your vision to life. In the past we have had people bounce around and after going through their search come back to us ready to book but unfortunately, we booked up in the mean time and can no longer accommodate them.

Should I book a trial before booking my wedding date?

You can, but we do not recommend this. We book up fast and the stylist that you may be booked for a trial may not be available on your wedding date if it’s not already booked. We can not hold dates for any Bride who has not booked.

How should I prepare for a trial?

We recommend finding some inspiration pictures. One to three photos of looks you may like. You don’t have to like the entire look but maybe just a few key things. When finding your inspiration pictures be sure to find people with similar hair color and skin tones as yourself. A blonde updo looks completely different than someone with brown hair. A smokey eye on someone with naturally dark features is going to look much different on someone with paler features. Remember you want to look like you. You are not trying to be the twin of your inspiration photo.

wedding trial, wedding preview, wedding hair, wedding makeup, NJ Weddings, NJ hair, NJ makeup

For a hair trial: Come with clean, dry hair. We recommend washing and drying your hair the night before with minimal product. Do not come with damp or dirty hair. Once working with your hair we can make our suggestion for your wedding day if it should be washed the day of or the day before. Once we learn your chosen hairstyle and your hair’s texture we can determine the perfect prep.

For a makeup trial: Come with a freshly washed face. Please do not wear any makeup or SPF. Remember that makeup is almost like a magic wand but it can not correct lines and wrinkles. We highly suggest a daily skin care regimen to get your skin glowing for you big day. If you would like some more information on this we can help guide you.

Do I need hair extensions?

YES! Even if your hair is long, we recommend extensions. Most looks found online are using extensions. Extensions can help with length and adding fullness. It can be challenging achieving looks without using extensions. Trust me, they are the way to go. Clients must provide the extensions and they must be human hair and clip ins only. We suggest the Bellami brand.

But do I really need to do a trial?

No, you do not some people are pretty simple and know they want something basic but just remember your idea of basic may not really be. Just know that the day of the wedding we only have a certain amount of time and there will not be time for major changes. If you choose not to have a trial we recommend sending us some selfies and some inspiration pictures so we can help prepare you for your wedding day prep.

What can I expect at the trial?

Be prepared to be with us for a while. Trials often take longer than the big day as we are consulting and working with you. We will ask many questions like when you wear make-up what do you normally wear and do you like to see volume in your hair and do you want to see a part, etc. We may notice things like you hair/ skin is dry and we may give you some recommendations. For your hair it won’t be as ‘polished’ as your big day as we use less product incase we decide to change the style up during the trial process.

Should I bring accessories?

Not sure if you want hair jewelry or flowers feel free to bring them along, we can help you decide what may work best and show you different looks. You are welcome to bring your veil (if you are wearing one as well.)

Photo Credit: TK BIG Day at Valleybrook Country Club

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