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How Early Should I Book My Hair and Makeup Team?

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Every company is different as far as when they open their appointment books for scheduling. I recommend booking 1 year in advance to book your date. You are more likely to get your date booking a year out then us telling you we are already booked. At Shimmer For You our appointment book is open a year and a half out.

Now don’t stress! That does not mean if you do not book a year in advance, you will not get your date. This is just a suggestion. We have many Brides that book 4-6 months prior to their wedding and often we can accommodate these wedding parties as well. Just remember if your wedding is on a popular date you want to get that booked!

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Do I need to have all the details before I book?

No, you may not know exactly where you will be getting ready yet or who will be needing services and that is fine! You can give us as much information as you know and then we will follow up as it gets closer. You can let us know I have 8 bridesmaids but only 5 may want services. Then as it gets closer you can confirm with your bridal party. Just please keep in mind if there is going to be a huge change, we may not always be able to accommodate it but we will do our best. We request that all Brides submit their final details no later than 30 days prior to your wedding. If you tell us 6 months out that there is 5 people needing services and then you do not update until 30 days prior and you want to change your number to 15 people, we may not always be able to accommodate that change. It’s important to let us know head count and timing as soon as possible.

If I book my wedding a year in advance, should I book my trial then too?

Although we can, our recommendation is no. We recommend a trial 1-3 months prior to your wedding. Many things can change with your hair and skin in a year. Also, we don’t always know who your stylist may be if it’s a year in advance. We could have a stylist available for your trial 1 year out but then find out later they aren’t available on your wedding date.

Do I need to request my stylist if I want someone specific?

YES, please be sure to request if you would like a specific stylist. We try our best to accommodate all requests but there are times where we may need to make a change. Sometimes things arise that are out of our control as far as illness, schedule change with family etc. If we need to change a requested stylist we will inform you. Just remember we are people too and sometimes we get sick or something comes our way that we can not miss. In the event that we would need to make a change the previous stylist will go over in detail with the new stylist on the look. These changes do not happen often but after the crazy rollercoaster of Covid that we have all faced we have learned that sometimes things are completely out of our control.

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Our best suggestions are to book early and secure your date. Communicate with us of any and all changes as we lead up to your wedding. We will be checking in too. Be organized and be sure to communicate with your bridal party on our expectations for your wedding day.

How do you book with Shimmer For You?

We require a signed contract along with a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date. The $50 will come off of your total on your wedding day. No later than 30 days before we require a final service head count. After that 30 days if someone drops out you are still required to pay for that service so be sure your Bridal party is serious with booking. If you have someone that would like to add on please let us know and if we can accommodate them we will add them. Just remember that may require an earlier start time.

We look forward to working with all of our wedding parties! We are a team of licensed professionals that continue to educate ourselves and hold safety and sanitation a top priority.

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