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Self Care is Self Love

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self love

I know you are thinking who has time for Self Care?!? I know, I know life is busy and we always tend to put ourselves last. For myself there are weeks where I can't remember if I even took a moment to sit between running a business, schedules, kid's schedules, doctor's appointments, oh yea and finding the time to clean the house LOL! It becomes grueling! We become worn down and just exhausted. We manage on autopilot on most days.

I can't tell you how important it is to carve that extra time for yourself. Trust me you can do it! This year after personally battling a rough round of Covid I've decided to take a step back and readjust my auto pilot. Now each month I schedule in 'me time.' A time for just me without answering emails. I also remind myself to take a lunch break and I actually started writing it in my book. Your brain needs a break every one in a while.

I do a few things daily that I find helpful. Each week I write out my daily day, what I'm doing and make sure I work in breaks when needed. I also will write 3 things that I need to get done that day. Only 3 though when your lists get too long it becomes overwhelming. Believe it or not when I sit back and look at my day and I cross off what I did it feels good. I've trained myself every morning to get up early and work out. I can't tell you how much that helps my mindset for the day. When I'm at lunch I now watch one show that I enjoy instead of answering emails.

Once a week I try to do something for me maybe I go get a pedicure or I give myself a hydration mask. You don't just have to leave the house for me time. Sometimes I pick a project that I've been wanting to get done and I take that time to work on it.

Too much in the past I have blown off a dinner with a friend but not anymore. I try to plan once a month to see friends. We all need an outlet and a recharge. My idea of 'me time' may be totally different than yours but I'm telling you plan it. Especially if you are chaotically planning a wedding take an hour and go get a massage or take a yoga class. Something so little is sometimes all you need!

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