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Tips To a Stress Free Wedding Morning!

You have spent months, possibly years planning and preparing for your big day but PLEASE no planning or preparing anything on your wedding day!

Trust me the last thing you want to feel is stressed other than the normal jitters of I'm getting married! Anymore Brides do everything including many DIY projects, which I give you all so much credit but sometimes in this world of Pinterest, Etsy, owning a cricut we set some pretty steep goals and it can become tedious and stressful rather than fun.

Working with Brides for over 15 years, I've seen it all! I thought I'd share some helpful tips for your wedding morning.

  • If you haven't finished your DIY projects, trying to do them on your wedding day is not the option. Do a check 2 weeks prior and if you see yourself running out of time, start delegating tasks or even eliminate some. There is nothing worse than a stressed Bride the morning of trying to make center pieces. You are taking away time from your glam prep and let's just say a Bride with sweaty hair is not going to work well for her hair appointment. No one will notice if you didn't have the time to add the extra lily at each table!

  • Use your bridal party! You have a Bridal party for a reason. Delegate certain people to handle items on your wedding day. Give key contacts like vendors your Maid of Honor's phone number to handle anything that may arise.

  • If your venue is handling the set up, trust them! This is what they do for a living and you chose your venue for a reason. Don't try to micro manage everything they do that morning. I've seen Bride's pace worrying why the room is not set up yet. I'm telling you these people know what they are doing. My first job ever was working for a catering hall. That's all we did. If you have a specific vision be sure to meet with you venue several times to review. If it makes you feel better delegate a Bridesmaid or family member to check on your vision the day off.

  • Put your phone away! Yep, I said it! There is nothing worse than working on a Bride's makeup and trying to create the absolute perfect Bridal look and your Bride keeps opening their eyes to try to look at their phone even though you asked them to close their eyes. I can't get mad at them, it's the wedding day BUT it is making my job incredibly hard. It is now slowing me down and causing me to become behind and nothing is worse than having eye liner drying and a Bride opens an eye to peek at their phone and hello we now have eye liner all over and need to start over. This is honestly when myself and my team start to sweat! So PLEASE put your phone away or better yet let someone be in charge of your phone.

  • Are you giving your Bridal party gifts, like robes? I recommend doing this prior to your wedding day. Please don't do this the morning of. It's an early morning for all and giving out robes or sentimental gifts starts the day sweet but also starts the day behind. Many Brides tell the Bridal party to be there for the start of our start time, meaning we need to have them in our chair and not crying happy tears over a gift or taking time away to get changed into a robe. Not to mention someone is usually always running late. This can often set us back a full half an hour.

  • Just breathe, hydrate, and don't forget to eat! Remember the wedding doesn't start without you and the day flies by so take the time to ENJOY it! You deserve it!

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